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Partition automatic forming machine

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 Partition automatic forming machine Work set of Produced machine
Product name : NF Partition automatic forming machine.
Service voltage : 220V/380V 60Hz(50Hz)-possible to set according to nation and region
Capacity : 5m/min
Process of production : Forming - heat insulator and plaster board attachment - compressing - auto laying
Machine feature : Automation of the entire assembly line. The speed of production gets faster than usual. It becomes easier to produce standardized product through the realization of automation so wasting material can be fended off.
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Product introduction : Light partition can be used inside the building as the building interior. The surface is produced by making an use of ordinary polyester color steel sheet and insulator and plaster board are used in its interior so it shows off great sound insulation and heat insulation. Since it can be possible to built as a form of partition in various areas like the inner space such as house, store, office and school, it is possible to produce various inner space which will meet the use and need. And it can enhance the space utility of the inside of the building It is very economical as it has merit that is easy to built and demolish. It is possible to recycle. On top of this, on the surface of the product, various finishing materials whatever can be used the customer wants, making beautiful look of the inner space.
Product : It is known to be used as finishing materials of building roof. As steel tile, it can replace the existing earth tile which consists of earth or plastic and its waterproof capacity is outstanding.
It is economical as permanent use can be possible once it is built. CV-250 roof panel which is the combination of traditional tile form and modern design factor is available to built at anyplace like new, old houses or country houses. It also produces a beautiful view, making the building itself look attractive. It is eco-friendly since the roof tile will not be disposed of when demolishing, enlarging or remodeling but be recycled after decomposition without any waste. It can be used as interior finishing material or point eaves of restaurants and stores as well as the roof of house, for the weight is light.
It can be also used in various areas like making roofs of bus station. It is lighter than asphalt single which is and it is popular in use and it can be an alternative to single which is less adhesive due to temperature variation. Compared to coating metal tile which is organized by collecting one unit or one cut, just one unit is required to build. So water leakage is unlikely to happen and construction period is short and the construction can be lowered. In other words, it is economical.
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