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PE-foam machine

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 PE foam machine
Product name : NF PE-foam machine
Service voltage : 220V/380V 60Hz(50Hz)-possible to set according to each nation and region
Power consumption : 35Kw
Capacity : 10m/min
Type : Embedded and indirect heating modes.
Machine feature : It is innovative to reduce power consumption. Smaller size by new design technology application, available to put it at small place compared to existing product, the production speed is advanced 1.5 to 2 times. It can attach various thickness of polyethylene foam.
product introduction : It is the product which is created by adhering polyetylene foam to polyester colored steel sheet. Colored steel sheet itself is strong to severe environment and at the same time it is light and thin so its insulation and sound absorption are weak.
Polyetylene foam can prevent inside heat from getting off and keep outside heat from entering through heat insulation. It features absorption of moist or vapor and then the vapor becomes disappeared in air. In other words, it keeps dew-condensation from happening, for it shows off great insulation capacity. It is very good at sound-absorption for it consists of complex that has many holes and air curtain on it. In particular, it is effective to absorb outside noise or the sound of rain. By attaching Polyetylene foam to polyester colored steel sheet, many defects can be offset, producing the best product. please, just try to use NF PE-foam machine. I'm sure that you would be satisfied with our product.
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