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Water Drain automatic forming machine

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 Water Drain automatic forming machine Work set of Produced machine
Product name :NF Water Drain automatic forming machine.
Power consumption :220V/380V 60Hz(50Hz)- possible to set according to nation and region
Capacity :10m/min
Automation : simplify complex processes into All in one method
manufactured machine feature : contrary to existing handmade production method which can be possible by complex processes, simplification is realized in order for the outcome to be produced through one process whatever the length is. Without any additional process, it is produced through the process of automatic forming and then auto cutting shortly after input and its productivity can be increased. Other than the original shape, various shapes like rectangle or hexagon can be produced according to the shape of forming roller and according to the kind of prepreg, various product lineup can be assembled.
NF Water Drain automatic forming machine
Product introduction : water gutter which makes water gathered in waterspout of the roof drop down to the ground. Compared to other plastic products, it can show off strong endurance and it can be used permanently and it is lighter than stainless product and the competitiveness to the price is outstanding. Various colored products can be come out according to prepreg, polyester colored steel sheet or copperplate and product adequate to the outlook of the building can be built.
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