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Gable forming machine

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 Gable forming machine Work set of Produced machine

Product name : NF Gable forming machine.
Power consumption : 220V/380V 60Hz(50Hz)-possible to set according to the nation and region
Capacity : 3m/min
Number of step in the process : 11 steps
Type : all forming
Manufactured machine feature : forming machine which puts polyester colored steel sheet into forming roller and produces finishing materials of roof the customer wants. Various colors of products which fits to the roof board can be created according to the color of steel sheet.
The purpose, use and design of consumer can be met by customized production.
NF Gable forming machine
Manufactured product introduction : Gable is used in a bid to finish the both ends of the roof and it blocks the crevice between the roof and the wall so that it can keep foreign substance or rainwater from soaking. And it can make great view by using along with various roof board.
By making an use of polyester colored steel sheet, it does not get blunt easily and it can keep the original look
even under the severe circumstances. Since its material is steel, it is known as waterproof. As built, it can be
used permanently and it is lighter than other products consisting earth tile. It is easy to built and is economical.
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